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Points for Attention When Installing Electromagnetic Flowmeter

a.  Installation size must be computed accurately, otherwise easily revealed or unable to install.

b.  Flow direction of the flux must keep in accordance with the arrow of flow direction on sensor body.

c.   Electrode axis of flowmeter must be approximately horizontal, otherwise the measuring accuracy will be affected.

d.   Flange at two sides of the sensor must keep parallel otherwise be easily revealed.

e.   To avoid forming whirlpool and flowing, the craft pipe, the seal fit and flowmeter must share the same axis and cannot be staggered.

f.    When installing the flowmeter, it is prohibited to weld abutt the flange of flowmeter. Lest the liner of flowmeter be burned.

g.  To different craft pipes the corresponding grounding methods should be applied.

h.   For corrosive mediums, it is better to install the flowmeter vertically and the measured medium flows from down to up. By doing this can avoid the solid pellets from depositing in the pipe of flowmeter, make the liner evenly eroded and prolong the use life.

i.   For pipe size more than 200mm, to make the installation convenient, telescopic heads can be applied.